The Qualities Of Lined Butterfly Valves

Valve is a kind of a mechanical device that regulates the movement of liquid or semi liquid substances.  These liquid or semi-liquid forms of substances might vary from water to oil and from gas to waste liquid. Even though it is the pipeline systems that retains the liquid within but the desired amount of pressure to the liquid is provided by the valves. In addition to that; they serve as a barrier between the clean water and the waste water. Different types of valves come with their own functions and structures. They might vary from butterfly valves to slurry valves. Each of these valves their own qualities on the basis of which they are installed in different pipeline systems. In this article; we will be discussing about the qualities of lined butterfly valves.

The qualities of lined butterfly valves:

These are the type of valves that has the interior lining of rubber. They have the wing like structure built inside which gives an appearance of the butterfly wings which is why they are named as such. The function of these valves is to restrict and regulate the movement of liquid through pipeline systems. There are two series of butterfly valve known as S series and K series. The S series of butterfly valves resists the flow of acidic and chemical solutions. They have the perfect sealing system and low operational torque.  This type of series is installed with the purpose of increased operational life span. The K series of butterfly valves are body resistance to aggressive environment.  They have light weight Dura cast body and are UV stable.

Slurry valves:

These types of valves are push through designed valves that eliminates the minimum amount of liquid when cycling between open and closed valves. Basically; slurry fluid is very difficult to pump which is why there is special type of valve for it. These valves shut the flow off, divert it, mix it and adjust it as well. These valves are specifically made to be resistant to corrosion because slurries often cause corrosion and abrasion. The kind of a slurry valve is selected on the basis of the temperature and pressure of the slurry.


There are two series of butterfly valves which are known as S series and K series. Both of these series are known for their specific qualities. Lined butterfly valve is the type of a valve that not only regulates the flow of liquid but also shuts and opens accordingly. They have been named as such because they have the wing like structures installed in them. However; there is different type of valve for different types of liquid like slurry. As slurries are fluid liquids that cannot be passed down easily so there must be special type of valves for their motion. These types of valves are known as slurry valves. “Hy performance valves” provides the best quality of valves which vary from lined butterfly valve in australia to slurry valves.