Making It Through Quarantine

The global pandemic has taken the world by frenzy. Not only has it spread its roots around the globe but had forced millions of people to stay at home. Every country is chanting the same mantra to stay at home while staying connected. Self-quarantine is the only sane way to flatten the curve.

However if you feel like doing nothing in quarantine, it is totally okay. It is not a compulsion to learn a skill or keep yourself occupied just because the world has slowed down.

Below are a few tips if you want to keep yourself occupied:

  1. Find your next best series and binge watch it. All you would need is a subscription of Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon prime and you are good to go. It can keep you occupied for days. Furthermore, you can arrange a viewing party on Netflix too. This would allow you and your friends to binge-watch the shows together while you can chit-chat during it too. This would allow you and your friends to stay connected while being physically away from each other.
  2. The isolation may start to weigh a little heavy on you after a while. This may take a toll on your mental health. Getting creative can help you in staying sane. Not only would it be a learning experience, but it would also help you in identifying and conveying your emotions. All you need is a canvas to work your magic on and a few paints. You don’t have to be a professional, everybody starts from scratch, and no one was ever born a painting diva. Various studies have shown and proven that painting is extremely therapeutic and helps in easing mental distress.
  3. If you still don’t feel artsy, you can just look at art instead. It is proven to be equally therapeutic. Looking at art can also challenge your mind and you’ll be far more engrossed to understand the underlying meaning behind the painting or you’ll be just busy appreciating the artwork. You can look for MBantua online and you could find any artwork that looks aesthetically pleasing to you. We have Aboriginal Dreamtime artwork in our art gallery too. It consists of stories and mythologies from the aboriginal time. The Aboriginal Dreamtime artwork show stories that have either a good or bad effect on society.
  4. If you didn’t have the time to declutter and organise your stuff back then, now is probably a good time since you have a lot of free time on your hands.

However, this list is not supposed to make you feel guilty or lazy if you don’t feel like doing any of it, all you need to focus on is making your mental health your priority and staying connected with friends and family while self quarantining yourself. The isolation can take a serious toll at motivation and you don’t have to force yourself to be productive.