3 Tips For Increasing The Resale Value Of Your House

If you are planning to sell your home in the near future, then you must already have started thinking about ways to improve the resale value of it, in order to make a top dollar sale in as little time as possible. While there are countless ways in which you can accomplish this, a few simple yet very effective methods will convert your property in to a sight for sore eyes, that will motivate every potential buyer to get down from their vehicles to come inside and observe the house. Discussed in this article are a few such tips that will make your job easier in these hectic times. A fresh coat of paint You would be surprised by how a property brightens up and turns into a real piece of eye candy after a simple and budget friendly coat of paint. This is always a good place to start a home improvement project because, the dull and lifelessness of an old paintjob might make everything else look the same, and you might get fooled into making a number of replacements and repairs that aren’t really necessary. Keep things simple and avoid going for those fancy bold colors, which might become a deal breaker for most potential buyers. Use light colors such as white, off-white and light peach to generalize the look of the property, so that the buyer can use their imagination and picture themselves living there. Go the extra mile and invest on intumescent paint for steel structures of your home, to considerably reduce the risk of fire hazard and further increase the value. Some serious cleaning For a home seller, the most important day is the day of the staging where the potential customers step inside to walk around your living space to determine whether it’s well suited for them to live in. The last thing they would want to see is an unclean house with loads of dirt, garbage and clutter all around. Get your family together and really clean every inch of your home, to make it look the best it can. If the basement wall or the chimney area is darkened beyond all recognition, hire a professional sandblasting Melbourne service provider to really cut through the stains and give them a brand-new look. Use a pressure washer to clean the outer walls, that has been discolored by the prolonged exposure to sun and the dirt. Even if your property has a few minor flaws, a buyer will not be swayed by those if the place looks like something that’s straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Therefore, be sure to make it look as clean and sparkly as possible. Landscaping The outdoor space of your home is what a potential purchaser will get to see first when they enter the property through the gates, which is why it is crucial to make a great first impression with the garden area of the house. Lots of greenery in the outdoor area will give your home a tropical feel and these can be used to create some much-needed shade as well. Well positioned trees will provide the inside of the house with shade and control the air conditioning expenses.